How to use Quicket for fundraising

How to use Quicket for fundraising

Please click here if you'd like more help and information regarding our new Fundraiser feature on Quicket (no events, tickets or merchandise sales needed to set up). See the instructions below if you'd like help some collecting donations alongside your ticket or merchandise sales, or click here for help enabling your own Collections widget & QR code for your event.

How to start setting up your Quicket page

To get started you'll need to start creating your page just as you would for an event. Click here to get to step 1 of event creation, or you can always find this from our homepage under Organise Events >> Create event.

In step 1, you'll need to provide some details about yourself so that visitors to your page know a little about you, and so we can contact you if we need to. It's a great idea to add a link to your Facebook and Twitter page if you have, so page visitors get a better idea of who you are and who they are donating to.

Click Continue to step 2, where you'll need to provide some more details about the fundraiser itself. Because we're known for our tickets and events, this page may seem more geared towards giving details about events only, but you can really make it your own. The more information you provide, the more likely people are going to be to make a donation. People want to know what their money is going towards.

For event dates, keep in mind that if you're using Quicket's payment processing,  then we can only payout the funds that you raise within 3 working days of the event end date. So be sure to provide a date here that you feel comfortable waiting for until your funds are paid out.

If this is strictly a fundraiser and not an event with the option to collect donations, then it might be best to make the venue Online. To do this just click 'Change to Online event'. You can always change the venue of your page later on if you'd like.

Next you can decide if this is private fundraiser you'll only be sharing with friends, family and those in your network, or if you'd like to go Public and allow Quicket to display your fundraiser on our listings page. If Public, people will also be able to search for your event on Google and other search engines.

Enabling donations on your page

So now you've got all of your details and your fundraiser details, it's time to create the actual donation box that is going to display on your Quicket page. It's truly as simple clicking the button 'Collect Donations' on step 3 of event creation.

The only required information you need to provide is a name for your Donation box, but you can add some more information here as well. Once you've provided a name, click on the cog icon and under Ticket Description, you can provide an elaboration of the Donation box name with a description on how the money is going to be spent.

Note that there is no Price field for you to enter a price of the donation - this is because the donation box that appears on your page is a text field for visitors to enter whatever amount they choose to donate. There is also no capacity for donations so you can accept as many as possible. 

Donation targets

Just below where you've created your Donation box, you can choose to set a Donation target. If you have a goal amount in mind, this is a great way to let people know how close you are to the finish line. A progress bar will appear on your Quicket page for visitors to see how much you've raised so far, and how far you have to go. This will be displayed in a monetary amount and a percentage. This can really inspire people to donate more if they see how close you are getting to the goal.

If you've set up a donations box along with ticket types for an event or if you created a few ticket types with set prices as suggestions for donation amounts that people can select, you can also choose to include your ticket types in your donation target. Simply slide 'Include tickets in donation target' to ON.


Just as we do for events, Quicket collects a commission fee on donations and fundraisers. This is so we can cover the costs of our bank, payment gateway and admin fees. If you'd like to see a breakdown of our fees, please visit this page.

If you need more detailed help on creating an event, please check out this article here or feel free to get in touch with us. We're always happy to help.

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