How to sell tickets on-the-day using Quicket Door Sales

How to sell tickets on-the-day using Quicket Door Sales

You've sold tickets online through Quicket, but you'd also like to give guests the opportunity to buy tickets at the door. You can use Quicket's door sales system on your laptop to sell tickets on the day while keeping track of the number of tickets sold.

Note that Quicket does not take commission on door sales unless Quicket is collecting funds via our own card machines, YOCO devices or SnapScan codes. Click here if you'd like help requesting staff or equipment for your access control.

Create or select ticket types for sale

You'll need to create a ticket type for your door sales, or if you're selling tickets for the same price at the door, you can select one of your existing ticket types from online sales. To do either of these, just go into your event dashboard and from the left-side menu choose Checkout then Ticket Types .

To add a ticket type, click +PAID TICKET or +FREE TICKETS. In the modal, add your ticket details, and click 'Ticket settings.' At the bottom of your ticket settings, you'll be able to turn on 'Sell at the door.' We also suggest turning on 'Hide ticket' so that those purchasing tickets online don't have access to your door sales ticket types.

If simply selecting one of your online sales ticket types to sell at the door, all you must do is click the spanner icon next to that ticket type and slide 'Sell at the door' to YES.

Once all of your ticket types have been added or selected, scroll down the page and click SAVE CHANGES.

Using the Door Sales system

You can get to the Door Sales page by going to On The Day then Sell at the Door in your event dashboard menu. If you don't have internet access at the door, then you'll need to load the Door Sales page beforehand; make sure that page is not closed again before you're done selling tickets and the laptop has been connected to the internet again. Otherwise, the data collected at the door will be lost.

To sell a ticket, click the plus button next to that ticket type (likewise, if you selected a ticket by mistake, simply click the minus button before confirming the purchase). You'll then be shown the options for the customer to pay by card, cash or SnapScan then click Complete Order to confirm the sale.

Automatically print receipt: tick this option if you want to be able to give your ticket buyers a physical receipt at the door. After clicking Complete Order, a receipt will be generated that you can print.

Get latest: This simply refreshes the Door Sales page (if you're connected to wifi) to make sure you have the latest data.

Reconcile: This gives you a breakdown of all the cash sales, card sales and SnapScan sales for that device. Click 'start new recon period' to clear the data.

View sales synced from all devices: If you are using multiple devices for sales and are connected to the internet, you can see all of your door sales across devices.


Tickets sold at the door will appear on your dashboard page and your Sales Report page as Door Sales. This makes it easy to distinguish your online sales from your door sales. Tickets sold at door will not appear as funds collected on your Event Statement, however.

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