How to register a Quicket account

How to register a Quicket account

You're organising a fundraiser and want to start collecting donations. You've come to the right place! Register an account on Quicket and you can start creating your fundraiser and accepting donations in no time. 

Simply click Login on our homepage to go to the Login page and register. 

Click 'Signup for a Quicket account' at the bottom  to create a new account.

You'll need to register with your email address. Please note that we no longer offer Facebook account registrations.

Note that if you get a message saying your email address is already in use, this is likely because you've purchased tickets on Quicket before or you have been sent an invitation or complimentary ticket from an event organiser. If this is the case, just go back to the Login page and click Forgot your password . You can then set up a new password and access your account to create your fundraiser.

Once you've filled in your details, click Register to complete the sign-up.

That’s it! You’re signed up and ready to go. You’ll get an email from us confirming your registration with helpful links and info about using your Quicket account.

Registered an account and need help setting up your fundraiser?
  Click here for a breakdown of the super quick fundraiser creation process.

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