How to create subscriptions

How to create subscriptions

Quicket now has a system for anyone to collect automatic recurring payments, for anything that requires a weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly subscription payment. Simply set up a profile or use an existing organiser profile and start collecting funds in no time. You'll get paid weekly for any funds that are owed to you, less our commission & fees.

Step 1: Select or create a profile

Select an existing profile from your Quicket account or create a new profile on Quicket for yourself, your brand, company, organisation or whatever you may be selling subscriptions for. Setting up this profile will give you a public facing page on Quicket that will house your subscriptions (as well as any fundraisers & events you may want to create in the future under this profile). Note that you can create as many profiles on Quicket as you like under the same Quicket account to keep your different brands or projects organised.

The only details required for your profile are name and email address, though we do suggest providing as much information as possible to give potential subscribers a chance to get to know you and what they might get from subscribing to your profile.

Profile name*: this is who are you creating subscriptions for. This could be your name, a brand, organisation, school, company or a project name. 

Profile email*: this doesn't necessarily need to be the same email address of your Quicket account, but rather the appropriate email address for the profile you are creating (e.g. if Quicket staff or a subscriber needs to contact you regarding subscriptions for this profile, which email address should be used). Note that creating & managing your profile will require you to log into your Quicket account email address, not the email address you provide here.

Description: provide some details about your profile so subscribers can get to know you or your brand.

Profile banner image: you can include a 1500x500 banner image that will be displayed across the top of your public profile page.

Display top event reviews: if you ever choose to create events on Quicket under this profile, you can display the top reviews about the event from ticket buyers on your profile.

Telephone: provide a phone number where subscribers or Quicket staff can contact you if needed. Only tick 'Display on page' if you want this listed on your public profile page.

Mobile: provide an alternative phone number where subscribers or Quicket staff can contact you if needed. Only tick 'Display on page' if you want this listed on your public profile page.

VAT number: enter your VAT number here if you are VAT registered and want to claim back VAT from your subscriptions. This will not be visible on your profile page.

Facebook Page URL: provide your Facebook Page URL here, if you have one. This is a good place for subscribers to look for any potential updates you may post.

Website URL: provide the URL for your website, if you have one.

Spotify embed code: you can provide the embed code for any song, album or playlist on Spotify to embed it on your profile page. You can find this on Spotify by clicking the three dots next to a song, playlist or album, then click 'Share' and 'Copy embed code.'

Twitter handle: provide your Twitter handle, if you have one. This is a good place for subscribers to look for any potential updates you may tweet.

Step 2: Add subscription options

This is where you'll add the options, plans or tiers that you want subscribers to choose from.

To add an option, click either 'Add paid option',  'Add free option' or 'Add variable pay option'. You'll need to provide a name for the option, price (if it's a paid option) and how often subscriptions should recur. For paid and variable pay options, this is how often we will charge subscribers for their membership. Regardless of the recurring period that you choose for each option, we will pay you weekly for any funds that are owed to you.

You can add the benefits of each subscription option by click the cog icon under Actions. Click 'Add benefit' to add one or more benefits - these will be displayed as a list, and you can add as many as you need. 

For variable pay options (where subscribers can choose the amount they want to pay for the subscription), you can set a minimum amount that subscribers can choose to pay for the option. Please note that the minimum amount cannot be lower than R10.

Step 3: Dashboard

You can continue adding and editing details and settings from your subscriptions dashboard any time before or after going live. When you're ready to start enrolling subscribers, click 'Go Live' or 'Submit for Approval' in your dashboard.

You can always get back to your subscriptions dashboard by logging into your Quicket account and going to Organiser Hub >> My Subscriptions, then clicking on the name of your subscriptions profile.

Contact us

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us on +27 21 424 9308 or if you have any questions about creating or managing your subscriptions.

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