How to create a fundraiser on Quicket

How to create a fundraiser

You've got a  Quicket account set up, and you're ready to create a fundraiser to start accepting donations. Quicket is a self-managed platform, so you can start the fundraiser creation process at any time to start raising funds as soon as possible.

head to our homepage to get started. Click 'CREATE FUNDRAISERS' then 'CREATE FUNDRAISER'. Or click on your email address, and click 'CREATE FUNDRAISER'.

Step 1: Profile

If you've used Quicket for events or fundraisers before, you'll be able to select a profile that you've previously used or create a new profile. If you've never used Quicket, you can create your first profile. Your profile allows visitors to your fundraiser page to know who is organising the fundraiser; you'll also have a page that lists all of your current and past fundraisers (and events, if you have) under the same profile.

The only details required for your profile is a name (this could be an individual, organisation, brand, etc.) and an email address. The name is visible on your fundraiser page, but the email address is not visible and is only used for our support team to contact you if needed.

Step 2: Fundraiser Details

On the next page, you'll need to provide the name of your fundraiser, a description, when you'd like your fundraiser to end (or you can choose to leave it open indefinitely), and how your fundraiser will be listed.

Fundraiser name: Give the fundraiser a distinct name to make it easy for potential donors to find and share and to make it clear what you're raising funds for.

Image: This will be the thumbnail image that appears on Quicket's listing pages (if your fundraiser is Public). For best quality, use a 600x600 square image. If you choose not to provide an image, we'll use one of our default placeholder images. You can also customise your fundraiser page and add a banner image from your dashboard once your fundraiser is created.

Fundraiser description: Provide as much detail as possible in your description so that people know what their money is going towards. 

End date: You can choose a date to close your fundraiser and stop accepting donations, or simply click 'Click to keep fundraiser open indefinitely', and you can accept donations for as long as you'd like. You can update this at any time from your dashboard.

Page listing: You'll need to select whether your fundraiser is Public or Private. Public fundraisers are searchable by anyone on Quicket or search engines such as Google. Private events are only visible to people who are given the fundraiser link.

Fundraiser category: This is optional, but can let donors know what your fundraiser is focused around, e.g. Family & Education or Arts & Culture, etc. Some categories may have subcategories for you to further define your fundraiser.

Step 3: Payout Details

Here you can set a fundraising goal, if you have one, and add your banking details. Both of these are optional; you will need to add a bank account for your payouts but it's not required before going live.

Set a fundraising goal: If you have a goal in mind, you can enter it here and visitors to your fundraiser page can see how close you are to reaching it. This is totally optional - you will still be paid out regardless of whether you reach your goal, and you're also able to raise more than the goal you set!

Select a bank account: if you've used Quicket before, you may see your previous bank account options listed here. Simply select one, or add a new bank account. Or you can choose to do this from your dashboard later if you don't have your banking details on hand.

Step 4: Dashboard

You can continue adding and editing any details you'd like from your dashboard after you finish creating your fundraiser. When you're ready, click 'Go Live' or 'Submit for Approval' from your dashboard page.

Remember that after your fundraiser goes live, you can continue editing any details that you need to. Get in touch with us on if you need help with anything in your fundraiser dashboard.

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