How to copy an event on Quicket

How to copy an event

If you have multiple events with the same or similar details, you can use our copy event feature to quickly and easily duplicate each event from one that was already created.

Start by logging into your Quicket account, and go to Organiser Hub -> Manage Events then click on the name of the event you'd like to copy. From the dashboard menu of that event, go to Manage then Copy Event

You'll see a page with all the details for your current event that are able to be copied over to a new event. Note that when the new copied event is created, you can still edit and add any other details and settings that you need to, before going live. 

The required information that you'll need to fill in before copying the event is event name and event start date & time. If the event is recurring, you'll only be able to add the schedules after you've copied the event. 

In addition to the options you'll see on this page that you can copy, the following details will also be copied over:

1. Organiser profile
2. All details and settings listed on the Event Details page (i.e. event description, venue, event listing)
3. Registration settings: if you required guests to register on the event you're copying, the new event will also require registrations; the registration form, however, will not be copied so you will need to setup a new form before going live.
4. Payment options: the same payment options that you had available for guests on the original event (e.g. EFT payments, SnapScan etc.) will be selected by default for the new event.
5. Payout details: the banking details you had selected for the original event will be selected for payout for the new event as well.

You can still update or change any of the above details or settings once you've copied the new event. The new event is will be in draft mode and will not be made live until you're ready to submit for approval.

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