How to add event artwork to your ticket design on Quicket

How to add event artwork to your ticket design

You can add a custom design to your tickets by simply uploading your event artwork as a JPG or PNG image file. The image uploaded will appear on the ticket just below the ticket information, barcode and QR code. 

To add a design to all of your ticket types, go to
Checkout then Ticket settings in your event dashboard. Scroll down the page to Ticket Design Options. The design can be any size, but we suggest making it 960px wide and less than 680px high. Click UPLOAD IMAGE to add the image, then scroll down the page and click PREVIEW TICKET to see an example of what the tickets will look like for your guests. 

To add a design to only certain ticket types, go to Checkout then Ticket Types in your event dashboard. Click the settings cog icon next to the ticket type you're adding a design for, scroll down a bit and click the upload button.

When you're finished clicked SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page. Any ticket buyers from that point on will have the design on their tickets. If any guests purchased tickets before adding the design, they would need to download their tickets again to see the design. 

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