Getting paid out for your subscriptions

Getting paid out for your subscriptions

Add your banking details

If you're creating a new profile with subscriptions through the subscriptions creation form, you can add your banking details during step 2 when you add your subscription options. Please note that the form to option to provide banking details will only appear once you add a Paid Option.

If you're using an existing profile in your Quicket account or you did not add your banking details during step 2 of subscription creation, you can add them from your subscriptions dashboard by going to Manage then Payout Details in the dashboard menu.

When will I be paid?

Regardless of the recurring period you've chosen for your subscription options, we will payout weekly any funds that are owed to you.

Quicket fees

Quicket charges a commission of just 4.9% (ex VAT) on each subscription that is deducted from your payouts. Subscribers pay a small fee of R3 per subscription payment.

Please note that features such as 'SMS Your Subscribers',  may include additional fees deducted from your payout, but you would be made aware of such fees before confirming use of them.

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