Enable team registrations on Quicket

Enable team registrations

You can enable team registrations from your event dashboard if you need guests to register for your event in teams or groups before buying tickets.

Start by logging into your Quicket account, and go to Organiser Hub -> Manage Events then click on the name of your event. From the dashboard menu choose Checkout then Teams.

Team setup

On your Teams page slide 'Enable teams for this event' to YES. You'll then see the various settings you can configure for team entries. 

Allow entry as an individual: If YES, guests will have the option buy tickets without creating or joining a team.

Only allow team members to purchase these ticket types: all of the ticket types you've created will appear; if people who register as a team are only allowed to book a certain ticket type, you can select it here.

Force team members to buy the same ticket type: if yes, when joining a team, members will only be able to select the same ticket type as the members who registered the team.

Password protect teams: If YES, Team Owners (ticket buyers who created their team on entry), will have the option to choose a password that entrants must enter to join the same team and buy tickets. You will have the option to require password protection for teams and to make it an optional field.

Set maximum limit for teams: If YES, you will be required to enter the maximum number of ticket buyers that can join a team.

Restrict teams to a single ticket type: If YES, the Team Owner will only be able to choose one of the ticket types you've created for their team members to purchase.

Allow team owner to transfer tickets: The Team Owner will be able to view the members in their team. If YES, the Team Owner will also be able to transfer their team members' tickets to other people. 

Change barcode after transferring tickets: by default we will change the barcode of any ticket that is transferred so the original ticket owner cannot also use the same ticket; if duplicate tickets isn't a concern for your event, or you'll mostly be checking tickets by names or email addresses, you can slide this to NO.

Next, you can customise the wording for your team registrations. Your Quicket page by default will show the words team, teams, member, and members; simply change these by entering your own terms that are more appropriate for your page.

Team management

As teams are created, you'll be able to view and manage each Team Room.

If you need to remove a team, simply click the bin icon under Link. Note that you will not be able to remove a team if there are any members listed. To join or manage a team, click the audience icon under Link.

You'll then be taken to the Team Room. 

Upload image: Spruce up the Team Room by adding an image or team logo.

Join Team: Click to join a team if you're participating in the event. You'll be taken to the event page where you can order your tickets.

Settings: Click to change the Team Name, add a Team description or change the password settings for the team.

Invite members: Click to send an email invite for others to join the team. Invitees will be sent an email with a link to order tickets.

Email members: Click to email all confirmed team members. You'll be able to add your own subject line and message.

Download members data: Click to download an Excel file with each team member's details.

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