Create ticket groups on Quicket

Using Ticket Groups to categorise and organise your ticket types

Ticket groups are a way of grouping similar sets of ticket types together under a common section. The group is displayed to ticket buyers and can be collapsed or expanded to show the ticket types that belong to that group.

Start by logging into your Quicket account, and go to Organiser Hub -> Manage Events then click on the name of your event. Then from the menu of your dashboard choose Checkout then Ticket groups .

Note that you'll need to create your ticket types before setting up ticket groups. You can do this by going to Checkout then Ticket types in your dashboard. Click here for help with additional ticket type settings.

Under Use ticket groups? slide to YES then click Add Ticket Group to start setting up your groups.

Ticket group name:  let people know how you're categorising this group of tickets.

Description: let ticket buyers know what they can expect from the ticket types listed under this group. This will appear in smaller text under the ticket group name on your event page.

Ticket group picture: if you choose to provide one, this image will appear next to the ticket group name and description. 

Show image: if switched OFF, the ticket group picture will not appear on the event page.

Expanded by default: if YES, ticket buyers will see every ticket type listed under every ticket group by default. If NO, then ticket buyers will need to click to expand the ticket type options listed within each group.

Linked ticket types: you'll need to select with of your ticket types will be listed under this ticket group. If no ticket types are selected, the group will not appear on the event page. Note that each ticket type can only be linked to one ticket group.

If you choose to have your ticket groups collapsed by default, the
Choose Your Tickets section of your event page will look something like this:

Ticket buyers will need to click Show options to see the ticket types they can book.

If you choose to expand your ticket groups by default, then your event page will look something like this:

Ticket buyers will by default see every ticket type listed in the ticket group.

To edit the settings of your ticket groups, select the cog icon under
Actions on the Ticket Groups page in your dashboard. If you need to remove a ticket group, click rubbish bin icon under Actions .

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