Create contact lists and send event invites

How to create contact lists and send invitations

After you finish creating your event, you'll land on your event dashboard page where you can continue updating and editing your event as much as you'd like. Once you've gone Live and your event is listed as Active you'll be able to send invitations to your contacts and start getting the word out to sell some tickets. 

The invitation email that recipients receive includes the start date and venue of the event, as well as links to the event page where they can book tickets. You can send invites for events listed as Public or Private.

Start by logging into your Quicket account, and go to Organiser Hub -> Manage Events then click on the name of your event. The first time you land on your dashboard after going Live, you'll see a popup you can follow to create or import your contact lists. 

Any other time you land on your dashboard you can simply get back to your Contact Lists - and create new Lists - to send invites by following the 'Send invites' link in your dashboard. 

Please note event invites can only be sent to an email address one time throughout the span of an event. Duplicate invitation emails for the same event to the same email address will not be sent.

Use a previous list

If you've created contact lists for this event or a past event, you'll find them in this tab where you can simply select which lists you want to send invitations to. 

Import Google Contacts

If you use Gmail as your email service provider then you can import your list of contacts from any of your Gmail accounts. A popup will appear where you can login to your Gmail account, or simply click 'Sign into Google Account'.  

Once your contacts are populated, you'll be able to select any or all of the contacts provided to create a new list, or send the invitations straight away. If you click Send Invites, then we'll create a contact list for you at the same time.

Upload CSV

You can create a CSV (comma separated value) file to upload a bulk list of contacts. Use Google Docs, Excel, or Notepad to create your CSV file, and simply label the columns in your file 'name', 'surname' and 'email'. 

Once you've uploaded the file, all of the contacts in your list will appear for you to select any or all of them to send invites to. 

Add contacts manually

If you don't have too many guests to send invites to, you can simply add each contact manually by providing their name, surname and email address. You can create a new list to save and send invites later on, or go ahead and click Send Invites, and we'll create a new list for you while also sending out your invites.

Get a previous event

Any of your past Quicket events that had ticket buyers will show up here. You can select any or all of these events to create a new contact list or send out invites straight away. Selecting a previous event will mean that all of that event's ticket buyers will be added to your contact list, so if there's anyone that needs to be left off of your list for any reason, it's best to use one of the other methods of adding contacts.

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