Collect custom information from subscribers at checkout

Collect custom information from subscribers at checkout

Once you've set up your subscriptions page, you can choose what data you need to collect from subscribers at checkout. To get to your subscriptions dashboard, log into your Quicket account and go to Organiser Hub >> My Subscriptions, then click on the name of your subscriptions profile.

Once in your dashboard, from the menu select Checkout >> Collect Info.

You'll see that some questions are already added and required. These are the questions that Quicket collects by default. You can add your own by clicking 'Add question.'

Choose from a list of commonly used questions, or create a custom question by click 'Or create your own.'

On the next page, you can choose what type of question you want to ask subscribers and define the question.

Be sure to click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the page.

After you've saved your question you'll be taken back to the main Collect Info page. There you can choose whether to just Include or Require the question. If the question is required, subscribers will not be able to complete their purchase without answering that question. If the question is only included, subscribers can competed the order without answering the question.

If you no longer want anyone answering any of the questions, just untick 'Include', and the question will be removed from checkout.

When you're finished click 'Save changes.'

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