Change ticket types in an order for your event

How do I change a guest's ticket type?

If a guest wants to change ticket types for your event, you can change this for them right from your event dashboard.

Please note that this does not take price differences into account, so if the ticket buyer owes money for a ticket upgrade or is due a partial refund for a ticket downgrade, you will need to work out payment with the ticket buyer directly.

Start by logging into your Quicket account, and go to Organiser Hub -> Manage Events then click on the name of your event. From the your dashboard menu select Guest Management then Orders List.

In your orders management dashboard, you'll see a list of all the paid and unpaid orders that have been processed or attempted. Note that you can only view 10 items per page; just scroll down to click through and view more orders.

Once you've found the order you need to change, click View details .

Once on the order page, from the dropdown menu select Change ticket type .

You'll need to choose the ticket type you're changing the order to, then click
Proceed . Note that if there are multiple tickets in the order, each ticket type must be changed; you will not be able to change only one ticket in an order.

Next you'll need to confirm that you are changing the ticket types and that you understand any additional payment the ticket buyer owes or needs to be refunded should be worked out between you and the ticket buyer.

Once you click
Confirm changes , the ticket buyer will receive an email from Quicket with their new tickets attached.

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